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There are certain people we thank in our prayers for the things we appreciate so, but try as we may, we sometimes can't say the words that we want them to know. They're people who often go out of their way to pitch in when there's work to be done, they show understanding, they lighten our problems, they help us in more ways that one. There are certain people we thank in our prayers, and one of those people is you.

May God bless you forever for all you so thoughtfully do.

May you all receive the wonderful care you've bestowed to me whenever you are in need.

Dear Dr. Wardius,

Before you even touched my mouth I sensed a very devoted, compassionate soul. You are turly "anointed" with this specific talent. You handle your "greatness" with humility-- how rare! You've surrounded yourself with a great, caring staff. Thank you to Carol, Jenna, Rachael, Rayvin, and Dr. D'Amico. Thank you all, from the care you've given me, you make me want to be a better person and nurse. After 30 years of nursing there's some "burn out", but I have been inspired by you all.

Dr. Wardius & "staff":

Just a note to thank you all for the wonderful care you provided to me during my recent implant procedure. After much concern about doing this, I must say I was extremely impressed with the entire experience.

Thanks to all!!

Dear Dr. Wardius,

I feel so much better about myself. Looking forward to my next appointment.

- Love, To you all,

Hi Dr. Wardius & Staff,

Thank you for being so kind and sympathetic to my fears. That's what makes people special.

Dear Dr. Wardius & Staff,

I don't know where or how to express my appreciation to all of you. I have always been very self conscious about my smile and teeth. I still think I am dreaming! This truly is....the best Christmas / Birthday Gift EVER! This will definitely change my life 4-EVER! I will always be grateful to you....for this very special gift! Thanks so MUCH!

Dear Dr. Wardius,

You probably don't even realize what a gift you are to others. Just thought I'd take a moment this Christmas to remind you.

Thanks so Much!

Dear Dr. Wardius & Staff,

Thank you so much for helping T.S. with his dental needs. Your time, skills, and compassion have truly been a blessing to him. I hope that you enjoyed working with the DDS program.

Thank You!!

Dear Missy, Rob & Staff,

Truly it was a lovely article in the paper about your volunteerism. It is a wonderful day when we can help those less fortunate.

Everyone was very professional, and very friendly. On my first visit while I was waiting I over heard two staff members calling patients to make sure they were doing well. After they were both done they each asked each other how the patient that they had called was doing. I knew it was not just a job to them, but they really were concerned about the patient. That is what impressed me the most.

I love that there is virtually no waiting. When they say your appt is at 10, you're in at 10. The staff is very friendly and they get to know you personally. Best of all is the quality of care. I call Dr. Wardius a dental artist, not just a dentist. This is no American Dental kind of place. This is a dentist that knows his stuff. I had to have a bone graft put in to hold a replacement tooth and the replacement looked better than the original. Finally, I don't think you'll find a kinder dentist. He just has a way about him that puts you at ease, even if you hate going to the dentist. I highly recommend Dr. Wardius.

Dr Wardius and his staff were very thorough and courteous. They took the time required to explain the procedure in detail and answer any questions that I had.

These people have got customer service right. From the second you walk in the door until the follow up phone call from Dr. Wardius you can tell that everyone associated with this establishment cares about their patients.

I just love Dr. Wardius and I'm glad that I found this dentist. He is the nicest person you'd want to meet and is very caring and gentle with his patients. I had a filling today and I had to have an implanted tooth re-set. I felt no pain, even with that dreaded needle to the back of the jaw. He's good.

Upon arriving I was very nervous and maybe a little stressed, but within minuites he and his staff made me feel very comortable. The work was done in a very proffesional manner and he gave me a smile back that I handt had in years. I will recommend them to anyone I know and assure them of the great job he did for me. Thank you Dr. and your staff.

It is not difficult to find health care practices who are willing to provide medical and dental care. It is however, very difficult to find health professionals who care about me. I am eternally grateful to have found excellent care with a caring spirit from all of you.

Can't say enough good things about Dr. Wardius and his team- professional, caring, courteous. Really a wonderful experience and I would HIGHLY recommend his team to anyone for their family's dental care.

Unfortunately, I started my dental care with Dr. Wardius only a few years ago. I should have been here for dental about 50 years ago but, of course, Dr. Wardius was still thinking about his role as an outstanding dentist. Don't wait, you'll like the service and care as well as an outstanding staff

Dr Wardius and his staff are very professional and friendly. I had multiple oral surgeries prior to seeing Dr Wardius that resulted in the loss of bone and gum. Dr Wardius performed bone grafts and was able to regenerate the gum tissue. I am 6 weeks into the process and the results so far have greatly exceeded my expectations. In addition, even with the amount of work that he performed, I experienced almost zero pain or discomfort. Because I broke some front teeth in an accident when I was young, I have seen many dentists and oral surgeons over the years. Dr Wardius is the finest dentist I have ever used; his level of care, attention to detail and knowledge of techniques is truly outstanding. I have recommended Dr Wardius to my family members and would recommend him to anyone.

This is simply the best dentist office, from the receptionist to Dr. Wardius, any little quirk you are worried about being at the dentist office, is taken care of. I'm 57 years old and have been to alot of dentists, but nothing compares to Dr.Rob .I have an "All on Four" on the top of my mouth and its better than my real teeth were. I am no longer scared of the DENTIST!

Very caring, very gentle. The entire office is patient and understanding. I have not been to a dentist in 20 years. They were kind and gentle. Dr. W. is a complete professional with a real understading of patient care.

From the moment I saw the dental work that Dr Rob did I knew that he was the one to work on my teeth. The staff is so friendly, helpful,and very considerate. They go out of their way to help in every way possible. I would recomend them to anybody who needs help. I have the best smile because of them.

Professional, Painless, Meticulous, Comfortable, Attentive, Friendly, Personable, Caring, Expeditious!!! I truly can't say enough about Dr. Wardius and his highly competent team.

I had a dental emergency with infection in my gum. They scheduled me the same day and the doc said "let's do this right." He had to remove an implant crown and clean the area out thoroughly, add an antibiotic and then replace the crown. As always, he did it with kindness and grace. Thanks doc.

Thank you ever so much for your generous supply of dental needs for our women veterans in nursing homes throughout Berks County.

Greatly appreciated by all--Thanks again

Soooooo thrilled!!!! Life changing is truly a befitting name. Dr Wardius and the entire team will forever hold a place in my heart for their expertise and genuine support! Such a warm personable team that has made me part of their story! Thank you all for making me a part of the life changing work you all have the great pleasure of doing!Enter testimonial here.

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