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All-on-4 Seminar

Thursday, October 4, 2012

by Carol

Join us for an information session to see if the All-on-4 is right for you or someone you know. If you have bad teeth, no teeth, a history of failed dental work, or dentures that don't fit this could be the solution you've been looking for. Please share this with anyone you know who is looking for a solution to their dental problems. This is a revolutionary, life changing procedure that Dr. Wardius has performed on hundreds of patients. Thursday November 1st at 3:00 pm, Exeter Community Library. Please call the office at 610-779-0942 to RSVP as space is limited.

Dr. Rob's Retrofit Technique

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

by Wardius Dental

It's Official, Dr. Wardius just received his registered trademark for his "Dr. Rob's Retrofit Technique". We are all very proud of him!!

Dr. Rob's Retrofit Technique™

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

by Carol

We are very excited at the Wardius Center for Dental Cosmetics. Another reason for having the All-On-4 treatment done in our office is Dr. Rob's Retrofit Technique™. Dr. Wardius has invented a special technique that makes the procedure quicker, which results in less chair time for the patient, is less invasive with faster healing time. Dr. Wardius has been using his retro fit technique for some time giving his All-On-4 patients a more comfortable, better outcome to the procedure. He has now trade marked the technique and will be teaching it to other Doctors around the country. The All-On-4 is the most exciting and life changing implant procedure in dentistry today.

Something to Smile About/All-on-4

Friday, November 21, 2008

by Jill E. Sheetz / Reading Eagle Newspaper

Theodore Stewart, 73, of Reading has something new to smile about. Over the summer, Wardius Center for Dental Cosmetics, located on Perkiomen Avenue, donated time and labor to restoring Stewart's teeth after the office was contacted by Pennsylvania Donated Dental Services, Harrisburg, about the case.

The organization, known as DDS, is an affiliate of the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped and provides dental referrals for low-income, disabled or elderly individuals. Someone seeking assistance must go through an application process. Generally, the services are of little or no cost to the patient if the application is approved.

Stewart, an Army veteran who traveled throughout Europe during his service from 1958 to 1968, said he applied to DDS because he needed his upper and lower dentures replaced.

"I got some information about the program and I pursued it," he said.

He worked with Jennifer Gillette, Southeastern Pennsylvania coordinator for DDS, while going through the application process. Gillette contacted the office of Dr. E. Robert Wardius office about the case and, after the dentist agreed to help, she referred Stewart.

"We were excited because it was an opportunity to help patients," said Michele Wardius, office manager at Wardius Center for Dental Cosmetics.

Initially, Stewart expected to have his dentures replaced. After a consultation, however, Dr. Wardius decided an All on Four procedure on Stewart's upper and lower jaw would be more effective given that the patient had worn dentures for a long period of time. This procedure involves putting implants in the patient's jaw to which prosthetic teeth are added.

"When patients don't have teeth for a long period of time, the bone wears away," Michele Wardius said. "Then there is nothing to fit dentures on."

She said a new set of dentures would have fixed the cosmetic problem, but would not have been the best choice for functionality.

The office contacted several companies it uses on a regular basis and asked if they would be interested in contributing to Stewart's case.

In addition to the dentist's efforts, Cosmetic Specialties Inc., a dental lab in West Lawn, donated the prosthetic teeth, and the United States branch of Nobel Biocare, which is located in California, donated the implants and abutments. Professional Anesthesia Services of Eastern Pennsylvania, Fogelsville, provided its anesthesia services free of charge as well.

"Everyone was excited and all on board to help out," Wardius said.

Once all of the materials were received, Stewart's treatment was scheduled. Within the course of one day, he went from having no teeth of his own to boasting a new and complete smile.

In total, thousands of dollars in services, time and materials were donated.

"It's about a $40,000 treatment," Wardius said. "The treatment we gave him actually allows him to eat and talk like he did when he had his own teeth."

Stewart's case was the first time DDS contacted Dr. Wardius' office, according to Michele Wardius.

"Doing the treatment for Theodore was nice because we were not aware of the problem and we wouldn't have been aware if not for the phone call," Wardius said. "Once people realize you're willing to help out, they'll call you when something is needed. If more doctors became aware of it and the need to help out, more would."

Since his treatment, Stewart has been enjoying his new smile. He said he is grateful for everyone's help.

"This is something that was good and improved my image," he said. "It worked out fine for me. I have a million-dollar smile."

Permanent Teeth / All-on-4

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

by Felix Alfonso Peña / Reading Eagle Newspaper

When Edwin J. Androwick bit into an apple, it was his way of making sure he was in paradise.

After a lifetime of suffering from bad teeth, he put his new, temporary teeth to an immediate test under the disapproving gaze of the dentist who had just finished implanting a complete set of prosthetic teeth in Androwick's mouth, using a procedure called All-on-4.

"I woke up after it was all done and I bit into an apple," said Androwick, a Gilbertsville resident.

The teeth aren't something the 51-year-old has to take out every night. They're permanently affixed to his upper and lower jaw and so precisely fitted that he can cut a piece of thread with them.

These are not traditional implants, which require a wait of several months between the embedding of the implant in the jaw and the affixing of the tooth. With All-on-4, this is done the same day, after which the patient can go home and eat a normal supper.

Dr. E. Robert Wardius, the Reiffton dentist who performed the All-on-4 procedure on Androwick, cautions that every case is distinct.

In a best-case scenario, he said, "Somebody could walk in the door with all rotted teeth, could have the bad teeth extracted and leave with a new set of teeth."

That is assuming that the patient had already visited the office for a set of impressions and had the necessary X-rays and CT scan done, he said.

It also assumes that the bone structure was adequate to support the implants.

"Sometimes if the bone isn't there, we have to do a bone graft," he said.

He explained that when people lose teeth and they are not replaced quickly, the jaw tends to lose bone where the missing teeth were rooted.

But when the implants go in, so does the first set of teeth, which are temporary, he said.

About a month later, or longer depending on the circumstances, the temporary teeth will be removed during a short office visit and replaced by the permanent set, he said.

For Androwick, getting the temporary teeth was the end of a lifetime of troubles he said were caused by a bad tooth-grinding habit. No matter how well he took care of his teeth, he still had cavities every time he went to the dentist.

"The last 10 years were really extreme," he said. "I was going to the dentist once a month."

He suffered from infections, had several root canals and still had pain, he said.

Even after his teeth were extracted for the All-on-4 procedure, it took him two months to recover from the infections.

After the swelling from the extractions subsided, Wardius put the implants in and affixed the temporary prostheses.

That's when Androwick pushed the envelope more than the dentist would have liked and bit into an apple after he awoke from the general anesthesia for the All-on-4.

Wardius explained that he urges patients to be careful when they get their temporary teeth because the bone needs time to integrate with the implant.

But even before he got his permanent teeth, Androwick was noticing the effects.

"I was definitely pain free," he said. "And now I sleep good at night."

Problems with her upper plate led Anna Corso, 78, to get her top arch replaced with All-on-4.

The Flying Hills woman said she had problems with her teeth throughout her life.

"Wherever I lived, I got to know the dentists real well," she said.

Eventually she got an upper plate, but she said that led to five or six years of recurring difficulties.

"It wasn't my dentist that was the problem," she said. "It was my mouth. I was desperate."

Her dentist encouraged her to get implants, and her family urged her to follow through with it, Corso said.

She had the top arch replaced, as well as some teeth on the bottom right side of her mouth.

In her case it was a six-month process. She got the permanent prostheses for her top arch in June, and she will get the lower implants installed soon.

She is very happy with the results.

"I've had no pain," she said.

Because the All-on-4 procedure is expensive, she said, "Now I have to live a long time to make it worthwhile."

Wardius would not give a fixed price for the procedure, but he said All-on-4 costs as much as $40,000 per arch in the Philadelphia area, while in Berks County the price for doing a full mouth is closer to $40,000.

By way of comparison, a single implant costs about $2,000.

Does a person with a full set of prostheses still have to go to the dentist?

Yes, said Wardius.

"You still have to have your six-month check to make sure the screws are tight and that you're cleaning around the implants," he said.

After that, the implants should last a lifetime, Wardius said.

His wife, Michele, who assists in the practice, said the office offers a limited lifetime warranty, which covers full replacement provided the patient follows through on check-ups and normal care.

"You take care of them as if they were your normal teeth," she said.

Should the prosthesis be damaged or broken in an unusual circumstance such as an accident, she said, replacement of the teeth costs a few hundred dollars.

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