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Providing Dental Anesthesia Options

A team approach to Dental phobia now available to our patients.

Dental phobia, all too familiar, is a common reason why many people avoid going to the dentist.

Some of us know what happens when we delay going to the dentist until pain gets our attention. The pain worsens and spreads up the side of our face.

We encounter difficulty eating and sleeping. Our pain now increases our anxiety to a whole new level. We can feel our blood pressure shoot up as we can’t think of anything but our present crisis. We have no choice but to do the unthinkable.

We have to call and make an appointment with the dentist and be seen immediately. Of course it is a weekend or a holiday, so we make life miserable for everyone around us. Dental horror stories are now freely shared among family and friends, increasing our anxiety even more.

Believe me, this is also a crisis for your dentist. A dentist who now has the challenge of treating both your pain and your heightened anxiety.

Anxiety for you may be the anticipation of pain, the sound of the drill, the smells, fear of needles, or perhaps you have an uncontrollable gag reflex.

For a child or a challenged adult with special needs, simply sitting still may be unrealistic.

What is the range of anesthesia options being offered today?

Everyone is familiar with local anesthesia. This is the elimination of pain in the area of the mouth that is being treated. Cream or spray is ap­plied followed by an injection.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) and oxygen are used in combination to as­sist in creating relaxation. This is often used in addition to local anesthesia.

Light sedation includes a state of relaxation while at the same time you are totally aware of what is going on. All of your protective reflexes are intact and you can communicate effectively with your dentist. Your level of consciousness is not changed.

Nitrous oxide is a form of light sedation. A pill taken an hour before your dental visit is light sedation. Light sedation may also be provided by way of injection.

Deep sedation or general anesthesia is total relaxation, the loss of sensation. You are asleep and unconscious. Your protective reflexes are not intact. You are not able to clear your throat, cough or communicate with your dentist. Deep sedation or general anesthesia is provided by way of intravenous or inhalation (mask).

Do not assume that every dentist offers nitrous oxide or general anesthesia. For example, a special permit is necessary for a Dentist to provide nitrous oxide to his/her patients. For a dentist to offer general anesthesia as an option, one must train at a special dental anesthesiology residency program and meet strict requirements and licensing.

There are strict guidelines to be followed when light or deep sedation/general anesthesia is administered. This service may be offered in the hospital or in the dental office.

We are pleased that we now offer general anesthesia to our patients. The first step in the process begins by you calling our office for a consultation appointment. A complete medical history will be reviewed with you at this visit. You will also be encouraged to ask questions and share any concerns that you may have. You may also schedule a dental examination the same day for your convenience.

Having confidence in your dentist will help lower your anxiety. A reassuring dentist will listen to your needs, offer a kind word, and perhaps offer you music of your choice, a comfortable pillow and a ball to squeeze.

Depending on your anxiety level, a warm environment may be all you need to get you through your visit. For others, light sedation or general anesthesia may be the best option.

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